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Huck's Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers

Truckmount Carpet Cleaning. What is it?

Truckmount carpet cleaning is a mystery to a lot of people.  Many consumers do not know the difference between portable carpet cleaning and truckmount carpet cleaning. A truckmount carpet cleaner is a carpet cleaning machine that is mounted to the floor of a van.  It uses hot water extraction to clean carpet. The van is parked near the premises, the technician connects the vacuum hose and solution line hose into the machine, brings the hoses into the residence or building and connects a wand to the end of the hoses.

truckmount carpet cleaning fort myers
Huck's Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers

The Difference Between Truckmount Carpet Cleaning and Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

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Truckmount Power

Truckmount carpet cleaning is more powerful than portable carpet cleaning, even though portables have come a long way since Huck’s Carpet Cleaning began cleaning carpet. The reason truckmounts are more powerful is because they get their power from an engine, whereas portables use electrical sockets in your home.

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Water Pressure

Water pressure is the next difference between portable and a Truckmount carpet cleaning. In order for your carpets to be cleaned effectively the cleaning solution must be rinsed out completely. If it is not, then the remaining solution will collect soil, causing your carpet to get dirty faster. A portable is usually capable of 125-150 PSI. A carpet should be rinsed at 300-400 PSI, which a Truckmount is more than capable of achieving; it can go as high as 3000 PSI. The higher PSI helps to agitate the fibers, spots, and oils and soil to better remove them all.

Vacuum Power

Vacuum power is the next difference between the two machines. Truckmounts have much more power than portable machines. Even though truckmount carpet cleaners have higher water pressure, the vacuum is powerful enough to have most carpets completely dry in 4-6 hours or less. Portables Do Not have this capability. Most portables require overnight to be the recommended dry time.

truckmount carpet cleaning fort myers

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