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Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer Vent Cleaning has been ignored until recently.  We are all used to emptying the lint out of the lint trap at the top of the dryer.  But do we all know there is another place on the inside of the back of the dryer that needs to be also be cleaned?  This is a deadly fire hazard. If you are looking for personalized services in dryer vent cleaning for your home, apartment complex or commercial building, look no further. At Huck's Carpet Cleaning of Fort Myers we have a great reputation in the carpet cleaning / flood and water restoration industry. We take pride in our work, and it shows. 

Our Technicians have gone through thorough training courses for dryer vent cleaning and we are confident you will be satisfied with a job well done. Furthermore, you and your family and/or employees will benefit from the clean system health-wise. 

We want to make sure your home or business is safe. That includes having clean indoor air to breathe and preventing fires from dryer vents.  Please contact Huck's Carpet Cleaning for peace of mind in your home!

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Dryer Vents & Air Vents

Dryer vents accommodate large quantities of lint. You may think the lint trap catches all the lint, but think again.  A 1/2" of lint build-up in a 4" diameter duct reduces its efficiency by 44%.

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How We Do It

By utilizing a combination of suction and rotating brushes.  We also use specialty tools needed to remove any blockages we come into contact with. 

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When to Call a Pro

Don't wait until your dryer is no longer functioning at capacity.  Below are a few indicators of when to call a professional dryer vent cleaner.

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When Dryer Vent Cleaning is Needed

  1. When your dryer vent has not been cleaned in a year of longer.

  2. When you have a large family and use your dryer daily.

  3. When your dryer vent has thin metal coated foil flex venting.

  4. When your dryer is taking longer to dry clothes, even though it is still heating.

  5. When your clothes are still damp or hotter than usual at the end of the drying cycle.

  6. When your clothes have a moldy smell after a dry cycle.

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